FDT® is the open standard for industrial automation integration of networks and devices, harnessing IIoT and Industrie 4.0 for enterprise-wide connectivity.


The FDT® Technology specification is developed and maintained by the FDT Group AISBL, a non-profit association of international companies that support the proliferation of FDT Technology. The mission of the organization is to promote the acceptance…


FDT® Technology holds the key to monitoring critical plant and factory operations to reduce costs associated with facility maintenance and installed smart devices. It makes device data available when and where it’s needed for automation, asset…


FDT® Technology holds the key to integrating any device, system or network in complex industrial automation architectures. It is a proven solution bridging legacy and the new era of automation platforms, making it easier to access information…


Changes in modern industrial plants present new challenges in maintaining uptime. On the one hand, an ever-increasing supply of operational data is now available, which can provide insights into the health of production assets. On the…


The FDT® standard provides an open, vendor-neutral software interface for integrating assets and delivering access to device intelligence. This includes a common environment for utilizing intelligent devices’ most sophisticated features…


FDT Technology provides the only fully open and standardized architecture for asset integration, modularly built to change with industry demands for the “Connected World” of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Developed from the well-proven FDT…

Latest News

28Sep 17

FDT & OPC UA Webinar Recording

This joint webinar highlights the FDT for OPC UA information model companion specification evolving digital architecture transformation.

Upcoming Events

25Oct 17

Meorga Fair – Sudost

The FDT Group will be exhibiting at Meorga Fair Sudost.  Technical experts will be on-hand to discuss why FDT is…

27Nov 17

SPS Drives

FDT Group will be exhibiting at SPS Drives, highlighting the FDT technology brewery demo application integrated with OPC UA.